Believe, Trust and Never Give Up!



Believe, Trust and Never Give Up.

I have to say these are some of the most important things I have learned in the last 3 1/2 years. Sometimes I am surprised it took me so long and such a huge life event for me to learn to finally believe in myself. I also learned to appreciate everything I have and every small accomplishment.

At first it was  simple as just leaving the house and not crying. I learned to appreciate the giving and compassionate people in my life. I learned from their incredible kindness in the days and months after Tyer’s death. I learned how important that even the smallest act of kindness can be to someone. I experienced it first hand. I will NEVER forget those people or what they did for me. I am now devoted to paying that forward in my life.

Like a lot of people, I look to continue accomplishing more, continuing winning and improving myself, but I don’t get so caught up in those things that I lose appreciation for where I am. When I lose, when things go wrong, I understand that it is just one day, one race, and that these things happen. I don’t fall apart, lose all my confidence, or get embarrassed. I just say “Dang! Oh well, I will try again!”.

I think that the power of perspective has given me these things. I KNOW what it is like to really lose EVERYTHING. Surviving that has taught me that I can endure, adapt, overcome and thrive if I DON’T GIVE UP. There will be hard times, disappointments, mistakes and things that make me wobble a bit, but then I just forget it. I have a short term memory problem anyway so it is not too difficult for me to do ;).

What is really important is that I have a wonderful fiance, a warm home, a reliable car, plenty of food and the incredible opportunity to pursue my dreams. It is so important to really look around this world and be aware of the suffering that so many people are faced with. I often am reminded that people lose their spouses everyday. There are people waking up that first day after losing their husband or wife to realize they aren’t there. I know what that is like, how painful it is and I take a moment to say a prayer for everyone that is waking up to that terrible “Day 1” and I am grateful to be where I am today after all that. Take the time to really understand how blessed you are. Give yourself the gift of perspective.

If you really believe in yourself, in your potential, your abilities, and if you are REALLY putting your best out there, you WILL succeed. I think you will be surprised at the results you will see in your life from this. I know I was! So many things in the last couple of years have just blown me away! From finally earning my degree, to taking a chance at dating again, to my first jackpot barrel race, to winning my first check, winning my first buckle, sharing my story for the first time and winning Cowgirl Tuff’s “How Tuff Are You?” Contest, and now being engaged to a great man! It all took me believing in myself, taking risks and trusting that it would happen in time (patience) and never giving up.

I admit, at first I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like. I had to trust and take risks. It paid off. I learned an important lesson, don’t let fear hold you back. Most of it is completely unfounded and you will be amazed at how wrong you were for letting your fearful thoughts stop you from go after your dreams. In reality, you are only standing in your own way!

I almost didn’t even enter the Cowgirl Tuff “How TUFF Are You?” Contest. I entered the last day and wrote a quick synopsis of my story. To my surprise, I was chosen as a finalist! Good thing I took the risk to enter, even though I almost let my fearful and negative thoughts keep me from doing so! Then, I was super far behind in votes. It seemed it would be impossible to win. I knew if I wanted it bad enough I was going to have to ask others to help me. I sent out messages to multiple people even though I felt embarrassed asking. But it paid off! I got help from the SEAL of Honor page. They shared my story and the link to the contest. All of a sudden I went from 500 votes to 3,000!

I learned another important lesson, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Believe that you are good enough! Trust that you can make amazing things happen. Don’t Give Up!!

A great quote that I have come across says “The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens. Don’t give up”. I have found it to be 100% true.

I hope that this post finds those who need it and encourages you! I’d love you hear from your stories of learning these lessons as well!

Never Give Up!



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