Are You Enjoying the Ride?


In response to my last post I had a friend share some additional information regarding goals including an article and review from someone who had done their master’s thesis on goal setting. Some very interesting stuff! One thing caught my attention and had me thinking from the article review below:

I seldom write comments on any article, but I especially liked this one as it actually corroborates a lot of information in current goal setting research. I wrote my masters thesis in self-concordance, the degree to which a person sets goals that are congruent with ones need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness (the three contributing factors that make a goal either intrinsic or extrinsic), and in the end it seems that the one who meets the most goals is not happier than the one who can enjoy the process.

Why do we set goals? Why do we want to achieve them? Because it makes us happy? Does the process matter? Is winning what it is all about? I’m going to talk about this in relation to competing with horses, specifically barrel racing but it could apply to many other life goals or sports.

The process of winning at barrel racing includes many hours of riding, training, tack maintenance, truck and trailer maintenance, hours of hauling to events, horse health care, feeding, watering, hoof trimming, grooming, working on improving our riding skills and  not to mention the money it takes to do all this! It can take a lot to get to each race! Though the amount of work put into each thing surely varies from person to person, barrel racing can be a tough sport and after all that work and preparation we have less than 20 seconds in the arena to show for it. You get one chance and it is over quick!

It got me thinking about the reactions that come at the end of those competition runs. Of course if you have a good run and win money most people are all smiles. Hit a barrel or a slow run and the reaction definitely varies from a shrug and a pat for the horse to yanking and cranking on the horse and someone in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Then there is the interaction between those who won and those who didn’t. There are those who gloat and go on and on about themselves and some competitors who can’t genuinely congratulate someone else that did well….but then there are also those winners who simply say thank you and return a compliment and those who can have a bad run, congratulate those who did well while confidently looking forward to working on their mistakes and the opportunity to do well at their next run. I would say the latter are the definition of “good sportsmanship”.

Do these reactions say anything about us or what our motivations are? Is it possible that our goals can make us unhappy and that if we are not enjoying the ride, it shows? Do we think to ourselves “I will be happy when win”? Can we lose sight of why we started and actually get so lost in competitiveness that we start to not even enjoy what we are doing?

I think yes, we can be too ambitious and focused only on goals/winning. And yes, it can take the enjoyment out of the “process” and I think we can lose sight of what a privilege it is to even own horse! As well as the responsibly we have as their caretakers to put them before  our pride. How sad would it be to lose sight of that special bond that grows between horse and rider and the awesome feeling when everything comes together when you are training and not competing?

It makes me think back to high school and studying Shakespeare’s plays. I remember Shakespeare’s warnings about the dangers of unbridled ambition. Our ambition can catapult us to great heights only to continue on and ruin all we have achieved if not checked.  Certainly the dangers of hanging our emotions and self worth on these things alone are easy to see. We will end up unstable emotionally and easily discouraged if we face challenges and losses if our self esteem is based on just the win.

So what is my experience with this? I would say so far I have enjoyed the ride most of the time. If I was down or unhappy with my competition runs it didn’t last long. Perhaps it is because my life changed so much and I know how it feels to lose what is REALLY important. I realize that every day is a gift and today should be enjoyed as we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I love competing and I have goals, don’t get me wrong! I like to see my studying and hard work pay off as much as the next person! But goals don’t dominate my journey or happiness. I am grateful for what I have and how far I have come. I think that I value being content and happy so much today after feeling such intense loss and sadness that it would be unlikely that I would ever let goals or ambition ever take any of that away or minimize the blessings I already have. But just in case, I am glad this came up and I can make sure to keep it in mind.

Are you enjoying the ride?


Never Give Up! Chelsey


Make It Happen in 2014


How many of you have been dreaming about what amazing things you would like to accomplish in 2014? Every new year brings with it optimism, hope and opportunity to accomplish new goals or goals that we fail to make in years prior. The next 365 days are a blank slate and our history waiting to be written.

So, what are your goals for 2014? Do you have a plan? What is your motivation?


Every year countless people make resolutions or half-hearted statements of what they would “like” to have happen and I don’t know the statistics, but I think it is safe to say the majority of those resolutions, dreams and goals fail after a short time and are never realized. Life is busy, unexpected things happen that throw off us track, or maybe we outgrew a dream and got caught up in the everyday routine and forget to spend time figuring out who we are today to set a goal that we actually want to accomplish…it goes on and on. But basically, we need a well-thought out plan to reach our goals.

I’m writing this today as I explore these things for myself and hopeful it will speak to someone else out there thinking about the next year. As I look back on 2013, I am happy my achievements and goals that I met. I literally met the goals I set, but the funny thing is I didn’t expect to. That isn’t a very good way to make something happen! I was just as surprised at my buckle win, finally making the 2D and winning the Cowgirl Tuff contest as everyone else probably was. But, it was a great learning moment for me. I realized that I could do MUCH more than what I already have, especially if I really put the effort out there and actually had a plan.

Write down your goals and share them! Right now. Tell people what you plan to do accomplish and not in a vague way. Be specific. This will make a HUGE difference in the likelihood that you will actually do these things.


I do think it is smart, however, to make attainable goals part of your plan to help you on your way to your big goals. The small achievements will help build you up to accomplishing your big goals, especially as you experiences set backs and road blocks.

This doesn’t mean underestimate yourself or create goals that you know are easy to avoid dissapointment. There is no growth or reward in that. It is safe, but it is also a good way to keep your achievements ordinary and hold yourself back. Don’t be afraid to set a big goal this year, no matter what other people say or think, etc. Even if you don’t reach it this year, you will be a lot closer to achieving it than those that are too afraid to even try!!


If you are looking to do and be more than you ever have, you have to take risks, believe in yourself and not worry about what people supposedly thinking/believing/saying about you. I do not mean do what ever is necessary to win and everyone else be danged. That isn’t my style. I mean to keep my integrity and be supportive of others. But, there really is no value or advantage in being overly concerned about what others are doing. Really, it just reveals our insecurities to gossip or criticize others. And I guarantee you, if you are really confident in yourself, you won’t be gossiping anyway.


That leads me to my next thought on authenticity. As the quote goes, “if you are your authentic self, you have no competition”. I think this is so true and can be really helpful in interacting with our “fellow travelers” as Nick Vujicic refers to our peers in his book, Life Without Limits. He also talks about not seeing the world as full of scarcity and looking to peers as people you can bounce ideas off of. There is no need to be so competitive with others that we can’t learn from each other, if we are really our authentic self, as we are totally unique and no one else can do what we can. Just do your thing and be your AUTHENTIC self. Don’t be a copy of someone else. That isn’t going to work for you anyway. When you start coming up with ideas that you have never seen before, that means you are on the right track. And then you will probably find that other people will be copying you!


Lastly, know where your motivation comes from and visit it daily!! You will need motivation plus your dedication to your goals to power through failures, self doubt and any other challenges that come along. Make sure your motivation comes from a place that is good, that is focused on improving yourself, not beating others, or it will burn out and you will be easily discouraged. A good way to stay motivated is to encourage others, not beat them! Be an authentic source of positive energy. Remember, self improvement is a process and do your best everyday. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them if necessary. Find and know your motivation and surround yourself with it.

Here is some motivation for today. Remember NEVER GIVE UP!

It’s a Hard Candy Christmas Sometimes


We are only a few days away from Christmas! Can you believe it?

I can’t help but think about my first Christmas after Tyler passed away when this time of year rolls around again. I still had not be able to come out of the fog of grief completely by Christmas that first year and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to go anywhere without making people uncomfortable or being miserable myself trying to ruin everyone’s celebration with my grief. Truth be told, even though it had been just five months since Tyler passed, I already felt like I had to curb my public displays of grief and talking about Tyler. By the time Christmas was rolling around I was exhausted for numerous reasons and just couldn’t imagine that I would have enough energy to make it through a “normal” Christmas where everyone is happy and enjoying their loved ones. There was a very real possibility that I would end up crying at memories of past Christmases with Tyler and have my solo status magnified as I watched all the couples exchange gifts. I didn’t want this to happen, the sad looks and comments just made me cry more or feel guilty for bringing that kind of sadness into their holiday celebration. So, I stayed home alone. Well, I had my dogs. They had been my constant companions from day one. It was easy to cry with them and just feel however I felt at the time, they didn’t seem to mind. Even in their silence they gave me some of the only comfort I could find at times.

Yes, I was sad that Christmas. I opened presents alone. I put up Christmas lights on the house by myself. But that was nothing new, I had done that every year due to Tyler’s busy schedule. I put up a little Christmas tree. I was glad to make it through and get to the other side of Christmas. I don’t really remember what I did besides that. I think I still had some school work to do and I think I just hermited. But, I never regretted it. It was a healing time and it was a relief to be able to just do what I felt I needed to do.

I look back now and I am SO grateful to be happy today. There was a time where I just wished that the pain would go away and I yet I couldn’t imagine what my life would look like where I could be happy again! It just took time and a lot of work to get there. But it was a time full of growth and as time went on there was more laughter, more happiness and I began to become comfortable in my new life.

This year, I am looking forward to Christmas and have an amazing partner to celebrate with. But I will never forget what it was like that first Christmas. Every year since that Christmas I have always thought of those that are going through that “first” Christmas and my heart goes out to them. I wish I could reach out and encourage them to just keep going…To just do whatever feels right to you and make it to that new year…To fan the flame of hope in your heart that still exists and surround yourself with supportive people…To make 2014 a year of rediscovery and remember you have the power within yourself to make your life into whatever you can imagine. And Never Give Up.

Merry Christmas,


NFR 2013 Las Vegas and the Start to the New Season in 2014!


Hi everyone!

Well we are back from Las Vegas and my first time watching the NFR in person! Las Vegas was fun, but definitely the best part was attending the rodeo. It was so awesome to see everyone perform and to see some of my role models compete! I also got to go to Cowboy Christmas that I have heard so much about at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I knew I had to go check out Heritage Brand’s tack…I have been drooling over it for months. Then I saw the awesome red, white and blue set they made for Madison MacDonald and I knew I really had a problem. I ended up with a gorgeous halter for Gigi and I am still working on some plans for a custom design for her.

Gigi in her new Heritage Brand Halter

Gigi in her new Heritage Brand Halter

Okay, so the BEST part of the NFR was really getting the chance to meet Fallon Taylor! I was SO excited and she was amazing to talk to. She was super friendly with everyone that came through the line and was just very easy to talk to. Some of the other contestants that were signing autographs were obviously tired, grumpy, sick or just had a hard time making conversation and I don’t blame them! It was day 10 when we saw them. But, Fallon was just as fresh as ever, being positive and friendly. I had the opportunity to tell her about Gigi and how much her video coaching helped us. It was just really neat to meet someone you look up to so much. I don’t just look up to Fallon because she is an amazing barrel racer. I look up to her because she isn’t afraid to be different, to go after her dreams and she is so positive and more involved with her fans than anyone I have seen. She has inspired so many because she takes the time to stop and talk to someone no matter what. You can just tell she has a heart for helping and encouraging and I love that about her. Make sure to check out the video I just shared that she made to say thank you for supporting her in 2013!

I think every barrel racer gets their batteries recharged during the Wranger NFR watching these amazing 15 pros run every night for 10 days. And it makes us antsy. Especially if it is cold and you haven’t been able to ride in a while! I have started looking at next year’s races and schedules and I feel like I live in the black hole of barrel racing right now! Hopefully more races end up being scheduled or I will have live in my horse trailer with Gigi in a Walmart parking lot in California for a few months…..and it is not a living quarters trailer!

So Gigi, as some of you know, is an escape artist and I have a short-term memory problem. Especially when it comes to locking the chain on her gate. She escaped yesterday, which is what she does…she ate some hay, pooped everywhere and then took a stroll to the neighbors house! She has never done that before. The neighbor showed up at 630 in the morning with Gigi in tow. Turns out the neighbors Appaloosa horse is a stud. Makes sense. He has stood at the corner of his pasture every day since we moved in whinnying. I guess Gigi was feeling frisky and decided to go say hi. Luckily everyone stayed separated and Gigi is totally fine! Lynx was not too happy about Gigi being interested in someone else however!

Well we are getting a heat wave today, it is supposed to be  about 46 degrees so I better get going and go ride for once!

Until next time,



Me and Fallon! NFR 2013

Me and Fallon! NFR 2013


First Time at the Thomas and Mack!

It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done


Have you ever accomplished something or realized a dream that you thought at one time was impossible? Perhaps then you realized how your path was headed that direction all along and in hindsight, you saw all the signs that had been pointing you in the direction you should go. I know I have.

If you have been watching the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo you know that Taylor Jacob just blew the doors off the Thomas and Mack and set a new arena record. It was SO exciting and such an amazing moment to watch. Even more impressive, this is Taylor’s first year going pro and she also won Rookie of the Year! How many girls dream of doing just this? Listening to Taylor in interviews she is humble but also confident. She shared that she writes down her goals. That is an excellent practice and I just recently was reminded of how important this is reading another barrel racing article that said if you don’t write down what you are going to do, they are just things you *MIGHT* do, if they are on paper and scheduled, they become GOALS. Interesting thought, eh?

Well tomorrow I am headed to Las Vegas to watch the NFR for the first time! I am excited and it is funny to again look back at how I got here.

A few years ago I went to a memorial roping in Texas. I rode around on a horse a little for about 10 minutes. We also went to a western store that sponsored the roping and they gave the group of widows I was with some goodies. They also gave us a good discount on boots, etc. I ended up buying a pair of cowboy boots, but unlike most of the girls, I bought Ariat riding boots instead of dress boots. I had been riding a few times with a friend back in Virginia on some lesson horses just doing a trail loop. It had me wanting a good pair of riding boots and craving more riding time. Little did I know over a year later I would have my own horse and be wearing those boots every day! Little did I know, I was doing something a lot of successful people advise people to do, live like you are already doing what you want or where you want to be. Or in other words, dress for the job you want!

The Western Store also gave us a big Cruel Girl bag and put stuff in it. I wondered what the heck I was going to do with it and almost threw it away once I got back to VA. I also ended up with a 2009 NFR bag. It has boot holders on the side. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it either and the NFR wasn’t really in my focus at the time. I held onto all of it until I moved to Nevada in 2012.

I realized when I was headed to Las Vegas this October (2013) that the Cruel Girl bag was perfect for holding hay and is actually really awesome to have. It keeps the trailer clean and I have a place to store a good amount of flakes of hay. The NFR bag has turned into my race bag holding my pro choice sport boots, bell boots, grooming stuff, and everything I need for a race. (No I am not trying to encourage hoarding 😉 ).

Watching the NFR and now going to my first one to watch, I wonder, were these all signs that I just didn’t consciously take note of? Now I have horses, I have barrel raced, and even went to Vegas! I won my first buckle, my goal for 2012 and now I am looking to my first full year of racing finally! Thanks to Taylor Jacob I have my goals written down and can’t wait to make them happen in 2014.

I am looking around and trying to be aware of those guiding signs that God puts along our path, too. Have you looked back and realized that you were being guided to your goal or dreams? Have you gone way of course and now realize the way you should have taken? Keep going! It is never too late and it always seems impossible until it is done. Then you look back in amazement and satisfaction. Start with a small goal and work your way up. Each victory will give you confidence and motivation.


See you in Vegas! Visit my Facebook or Twitter to see pictures!



Competition, Scarcity and Abundance


While reading Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits” I came across something he wrote that struck me and I knew I would have to share. In the Chapter “Trust Others, More or Less” He writes about the importance on knowing how to interact with others and how important it is to have “someone to share ideas with, someone who always give us honest advice, or someone who serves as an encourager, mentor or role model”.

Which I think is excellent advice but what the relationship he wrote about next was the “Fellow Traveler” and it was something I hadn’t heard from anyone else. Though once I started searching I found a lot more on the topic!

First, here is Nick’s description of the Fellow Traveler:

“Fellow Travelers are usually peers, co-workers, and others with similar goals to yours, who are walking on a parallel road. They might even be rivals, but friendly rivals. You encourage and support each other by practicing an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY rather than a SCARCITY MENTALITY.”

So the key words there are abundance mentality and scarcity mentality. I realized after reading this where things go wrong in competition or when interacting with peers who are striving for similar goals and things get competitive. It is that so many are living with a SCARCITY MENTALITY. What does that mean? I will post a visual first to help explain.


Do you identify with the descriptions? Of course, we all do! Becoming aware of what we are thinking and feeling is the path to self growth and ultimately can lead us to success in reaching our goals. But what happens when we are living with SCARCITY MENTALITY? It sure can make things a lot tougher.

Here is what Nick goes on to say on the topic:

When you believe in abundance, you believe there enough of God’s blessings–enough fulfillment, enough opportunity, enough happiness, and enough love–out there for everyone. I encourage you to take that point of view because it opens you up to other people.

And here is where he really gets to the point:

If you tend to think of the world as a place of scarce resources and limited opportunities, then you’ll see fellow travelers as threats who’ll take what is out there and leave nothing for you.

Competition can be healthy because it motivates you, and you will always find others who want what you want. With an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY, you believe there are rewards enough for everyone, so competition is more about striving to do your best and encouraging others to do the same. An ABUNDANCE MENTALITY  allows you to walk alongside your fellow travelers with feelings of camaraderie and mutual support.

This all really made me think about how I approach fellow travelers and how I could improve my mentality. I think it is easy to be pulled into the scarcity mindset by fear or also by being around others who live with that mindset! Sometimes you have to really evaluate your environment and what you have to do to improve yourself and your growth as a person. I think it is also important to stay focused on yourself and your performance. I think getting too caught up in what others are doing or how they are doing, will lead you to that scarcity mindset! Also, I don’t think that because we have similar goals means that we will have the same path to achieving them! Actually, no one does! That would be quite boring anyway. It is ALWAYS fascinating to me to hear the stories of those who have overcame their challenges, tragedies and achieved their dreams. And not one of them is the same!

Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has a different question on their paper.

Definitely encourage, congratulate and support of course! Of course learn from those that you can and share with those what you know freely! Remember that helping people plus your talent equals your purpose! I also think being confident is a huge key to all of this. When you don’t have confidence, you are living in that scarcity mindset and will be reluctant to help others for fear that they will pass you by and take all your resources like Nick explained.

Additionally, being truly THANKFUL for what we have and have already accomplished is another key. In the photo I posted about scarcity and abundance the last two descriptions “They are entitled and fearful” on the Scarcity side and “They are thankful and confident” on the Abundance side. I think that comparison right there tells us all we need to know and I think this is an easy one to identify in ourselves. The important thing to remember is that we can always improve and change ourselves. If we become aware of things we need to improve on, then just do it! We are not trees, we can pick up our feet and go anywhere!

One person that came to mind who really lives with a abundance mindset in the barrel racing world is Fallon Taylor. She has helped so many people by doing free barrel racing tips videos, is always sharing encouraging words online and even offered private video coaching for just $25. I think so many young girls look up to her because she is so open, encouraging and just fun! She obviously has a heart for helping others and sharing her knowledge freely. She is competitive, obviously she made it to the NFR again this year! But she always has seemed to me as a very friendly and approachable person. She also does her own thing, is unique and is confident in that. You can see that in her outfits this year at the NFR! Some people have said some negative things about her style, but I wonder if they know how she gave artists a chance so showcase their work on a huge scale by letting them design an outfit that she wears. I may not be a young girl per-se as I am 29, but she has been a role model for me since I got back into barrel racing with Gigi and I am very glad to have come across her!

So, I hope that this blog helps you today. Maybe to just become a little more aware or maybe change your whole mindset! Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits” is a really excellent read. If you are struggling to overcome a huge life challenge or just trying to achieve your dreams, you will definitely find inspiration and wisdom in his book. I highly recommend it.

Until next time!

Make sure to watch Round 5 of the NFR tonight!



Fallon Taylor

What is Your Calling? Part Three


Phew. I am getting a little long winded! I didn’t expect for this to end up being so long, but here we go.

After Tyler passed away, I was lost. The future was a void and unimaginable for me. One of the first things I learned was you better have good people in your life. Luckily, Tyler and I were VERY blessed to have amazing friends and belong to a community of people that go above and beyond in everything they do. This was one of the essential keys to being able to keep going and eventually rebuild my life. The next key was paying that forward and helping others. I realized that I had something to offer from all I have experienced too. It became a new passion of mine.

Another lesson I would learn as I started to take steps toward realizing who I was now is that not everyone is going to be okay with that. I accepted my widow identity eventually, but that would only dictate my life until I established my new identity. Then it would no longer become who I was but become PART of who I am. It would become part of my story, just as Tyler will always be a part of my life. That was a really difficult transition because of the guilt I punished myself with and because I didn’t accept that not everyone from my first chapter would come with me into the next. Some because they didn’t want to and some I would have to let go. But really this was only a few people. I would be moved to tears by the support I would receive from 99% of the people in my life.

I went back to Regent after a few months. It was a struggle because I had a terrible schedule. I would stay up all night and couldn’t sleep. I wouldn’t take anything because I was terrified of having bad dreams. But school would give me somewhat of a schedule, I did some dog stuff on the side, and I would get my homework done when I stayed up all night. So it worked out. I had one Professor who really inspired me and I will always appreciate her encouragement. She gave me a lot of confidence as I started to establish my new life. She was extremely accomplished with multiple degrees and working on another one while researching and writing a book. She was much like Tyler, someone I looked up to and admired for their drive and ability to accomplish so much. They proved that if you work hard and are dedicated you can achieve anything! I was starting to get it.

Then everything would be turned upside down when I would meet the catalyst to where I am today. That would be Ryan. The man I am now engaged to. I graduated college while we dated long distance. I decided to move out West for a year to get a change of environment and see how I would fare somewhere that no one knew me or my story. I struggled with that decision, but I was afraid. Afraid of things not going well, afraid of what people would think, and afraid to trust myself. Again, I was lucky to have close friends that encouraged me that is was okay to take risks and not live by what other people were ready for me to do.

Moving to Nevada turned out to be the right decision. I didn’t last long before I got a horse. I joked about it before I moved but I really did not think I would ever get one. Before Tyler died we were waiting to close on a great house, big enough for a family and with a few acres. I was hoping to get a horse eventually when we moved there. I still had that pull towards horses. It stayed with me through everything.

YOUR CALLING is a lot bigger than just your job. God asks us to give our entire lives over to God’s call to us. You get a hunch, a feeling, a nudge. You sense that you are supposed to use your gifts and talents in a certain way.

Finding Gigi changed everything. She was the next catalyst. I was in heaven. Much like when I was working as a K9 Handler. Though, this is what I REALLY always wanted. First, I was just incredibly grateful to be riding and own my own horse. When it came to actually attending a jackpot barrel race, my heart was about to beat out of my chest. Less than 20 seconds later, it was over. Just like that. But, it felt amazing. It has been a journey since then. Gigi was out for a while and had to be rehabbed. I attended Equissage’s Equine Sports Massage Therapy course which turned out to be a HUGE asset to both Gigi and I. Then we started again late in the season this year when Gigi was ready. We won our first buckle and though we started out slow and messy, but we ended this season in the 2D! (For non-horse people, we got a lot faster).

I also started to share my story with some online contests and things started to go from there. Now here I am today. I feel confident that this is where I am meant to be. I have more dreams and accomplishments that I am working towards. I KNOW I can make them happen if I work hard enough. I also know that you have to help others along the way. You truly get what you give. And if you don’t get anything, at least you know you have helped someone. That is reward enough. Actually, it is really amazing.

Figuring out who you are, having confidence and truly living as your authentic self is incredibly freeing…..and challenging. It is worth every difficulty though.

I have learned to enjoy every step, every risk, every accomplishment knowing that it can all be gone at any time. That is why waiting to do live the life you really want doesn’t make any sense. You have to make it happen, not wait for the day that it will just magically appear. We are not guaranteed any amount of time or certain number of chances. Mistakes and failures happen when we take risks, but they can’t become a road block and stop us from continuing on. Just learn and keep moving. Taking risks also can take us places we haven’t even dreamed of it yet. I never could have imagined in those first six months after losing Tyler that I would be here one day.

Another huge lesson I learned was we may THINK we know what we are supposed to be doing, we may INSIST that we have to follow a certain path when we are obviously being pointed in a different direction. We may also think we have to have it ALL right NOW. The truth is, you might have some things to learn first. Life has a funny way of redirecting us to where we need to be. Like the saying goes, “Want to make God Laugh? Tell Him your plans”. I know my story is still unfolding, I know I am supposed to be sharing my journey and I know I am supposed to working with horses. I know what I am working towards, but I know God will point in me in the direction I am supposed to go.

You get a hunch, a feeling, a nudge. You sense that you are supposed to use your gifts and talents in a certain way.

I encourage you to seek out your true calling. Be aware of that feeling, that nudge pushing you. Set out to help others as a priority. Explore your faith and don’t let fear dominate your decision making. Pray about it. Take some time to get to know yourself. Learn to be secure on your own and be alone.

And no matter what, never, ever, give up.