We Won! Barrel Horse Connect’s “Barrel Racing Inspiration” Top 10

A big THANK YOU again to everyone who took a moment to vote! We had enough votes to win and be in the top 10 Finalists! We will be featured on Barrel Horse Connect ‘s Facebook page on the profile and cover photo! I hope this helps others to find this page, as well as some inspiration to never give up and to continuing pursuing their dreams! #NeverGiveUp#ThankYou!
“Our Top Ten Inspirational Story Winners of the week are: Alyssa McFarland, Bailee Short, Bailey Furry, Bronwyn Duffie, Charilyn Milburn, Chelsey Stimson, Dapheny Wright, Hope Anderson, Lisa Boody and Kelsie Meland. 

Thank you everyone for entering and if the winners could send us a second photo of yourself so we can post you as the cover photo and profile photo picture! The profile picture can be any size and the cover photo picture works best if it is a little farther away as closeups don’t fit properly. Thank you!

4 more days until the NFR!!!!”

Don’t be afraid to share your story! You never know who you will help or inspire. You may just find that it is healing for you as well. 
Never Give Up!!

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