Competition, Scarcity and Abundance


While reading Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits” I came across something he wrote that struck me and I knew I would have to share. In the Chapter “Trust Others, More or Less” He writes about the importance on knowing how to interact with others and how important it is to have “someone to share ideas with, someone who always give us honest advice, or someone who serves as an encourager, mentor or role model”.

Which I think is excellent advice but what the relationship he wrote about next was the “Fellow Traveler” and it was something I hadn’t heard from anyone else. Though once I started searching I found a lot more on the topic!

First, here is Nick’s description of the Fellow Traveler:

“Fellow Travelers are usually peers, co-workers, and others with similar goals to yours, who are walking on a parallel road. They might even be rivals, but friendly rivals. You encourage and support each other by practicing an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY rather than a SCARCITY MENTALITY.”

So the key words there are abundance mentality and scarcity mentality. I realized after reading this where things go wrong in competition or when interacting with peers who are striving for similar goals and things get competitive. It is that so many are living with a SCARCITY MENTALITY. What does that mean? I will post a visual first to help explain.


Do you identify with the descriptions? Of course, we all do! Becoming aware of what we are thinking and feeling is the path to self growth and ultimately can lead us to success in reaching our goals. But what happens when we are living with SCARCITY MENTALITY? It sure can make things a lot tougher.

Here is what Nick goes on to say on the topic:

When you believe in abundance, you believe there enough of God’s blessings–enough fulfillment, enough opportunity, enough happiness, and enough love–out there for everyone. I encourage you to take that point of view because it opens you up to other people.

And here is where he really gets to the point:

If you tend to think of the world as a place of scarce resources and limited opportunities, then you’ll see fellow travelers as threats who’ll take what is out there and leave nothing for you.

Competition can be healthy because it motivates you, and you will always find others who want what you want. With an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY, you believe there are rewards enough for everyone, so competition is more about striving to do your best and encouraging others to do the same. An ABUNDANCE MENTALITY  allows you to walk alongside your fellow travelers with feelings of camaraderie and mutual support.

This all really made me think about how I approach fellow travelers and how I could improve my mentality. I think it is easy to be pulled into the scarcity mindset by fear or also by being around others who live with that mindset! Sometimes you have to really evaluate your environment and what you have to do to improve yourself and your growth as a person. I think it is also important to stay focused on yourself and your performance. I think getting too caught up in what others are doing or how they are doing, will lead you to that scarcity mindset! Also, I don’t think that because we have similar goals means that we will have the same path to achieving them! Actually, no one does! That would be quite boring anyway. It is ALWAYS fascinating to me to hear the stories of those who have overcame their challenges, tragedies and achieved their dreams. And not one of them is the same!

Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has a different question on their paper.

Definitely encourage, congratulate and support of course! Of course learn from those that you can and share with those what you know freely! Remember that helping people plus your talent equals your purpose! I also think being confident is a huge key to all of this. When you don’t have confidence, you are living in that scarcity mindset and will be reluctant to help others for fear that they will pass you by and take all your resources like Nick explained.

Additionally, being truly THANKFUL for what we have and have already accomplished is another key. In the photo I posted about scarcity and abundance the last two descriptions “They are entitled and fearful” on the Scarcity side and “They are thankful and confident” on the Abundance side. I think that comparison right there tells us all we need to know and I think this is an easy one to identify in ourselves. The important thing to remember is that we can always improve and change ourselves. If we become aware of things we need to improve on, then just do it! We are not trees, we can pick up our feet and go anywhere!

One person that came to mind who really lives with a abundance mindset in the barrel racing world is Fallon Taylor. She has helped so many people by doing free barrel racing tips videos, is always sharing encouraging words online and even offered private video coaching for just $25. I think so many young girls look up to her because she is so open, encouraging and just fun! She obviously has a heart for helping others and sharing her knowledge freely. She is competitive, obviously she made it to the NFR again this year! But she always has seemed to me as a very friendly and approachable person. She also does her own thing, is unique and is confident in that. You can see that in her outfits this year at the NFR! Some people have said some negative things about her style, but I wonder if they know how she gave artists a chance so showcase their work on a huge scale by letting them design an outfit that she wears. I may not be a young girl per-se as I am 29, but she has been a role model for me since I got back into barrel racing with Gigi and I am very glad to have come across her!

So, I hope that this blog helps you today. Maybe to just become a little more aware or maybe change your whole mindset! Nick Vujicic’s book “Life Without Limits” is a really excellent read. If you are struggling to overcome a huge life challenge or just trying to achieve your dreams, you will definitely find inspiration and wisdom in his book. I highly recommend it.

Until next time!

Make sure to watch Round 5 of the NFR tonight!



Fallon Taylor


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