It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done


Have you ever accomplished something or realized a dream that you thought at one time was impossible? Perhaps then you realized how your path was headed that direction all along and in hindsight, you saw all the signs that had been pointing you in the direction you should go. I know I have.

If you have been watching the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo you know that Taylor Jacob just blew the doors off the Thomas and Mack and set a new arena record. It was SO exciting and such an amazing moment to watch. Even more impressive, this is Taylor’s first year going pro and she also won Rookie of the Year! How many girls dream of doing just this? Listening to Taylor in interviews she is humble but also confident. She shared that she writes down her goals. That is an excellent practice and I just recently was reminded of how important this is reading another barrel racing article that said if you don’t write down what you are going to do, they are just things you *MIGHT* do, if they are on paper and scheduled, they become GOALS. Interesting thought, eh?

Well tomorrow I am headed to Las Vegas to watch the NFR for the first time! I am excited and it is funny to again look back at how I got here.

A few years ago I went to a memorial roping in Texas. I rode around on a horse a little for about 10 minutes. We also went to a western store that sponsored the roping and they gave the group of widows I was with some goodies. They also gave us a good discount on boots, etc. I ended up buying a pair of cowboy boots, but unlike most of the girls, I bought Ariat riding boots instead of dress boots. I had been riding a few times with a friend back in Virginia on some lesson horses just doing a trail loop. It had me wanting a good pair of riding boots and craving more riding time. Little did I know over a year later I would have my own horse and be wearing those boots every day! Little did I know, I was doing something a lot of successful people advise people to do, live like you are already doing what you want or where you want to be. Or in other words, dress for the job you want!

The Western Store also gave us a big Cruel Girl bag and put stuff in it. I wondered what the heck I was going to do with it and almost threw it away once I got back to VA. I also ended up with a 2009 NFR bag. It has boot holders on the side. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it either and the NFR wasn’t really in my focus at the time. I held onto all of it until I moved to Nevada in 2012.

I realized when I was headed to Las Vegas this October (2013) that the Cruel Girl bag was perfect for holding hay and is actually really awesome to have. It keeps the trailer clean and I have a place to store a good amount of flakes of hay. The NFR bag has turned into my race bag holding my pro choice sport boots, bell boots, grooming stuff, and everything I need for a race. (No I am not trying to encourage hoarding 😉 ).

Watching the NFR and now going to my first one to watch, I wonder, were these all signs that I just didn’t consciously take note of? Now I have horses, I have barrel raced, and even went to Vegas! I won my first buckle, my goal for 2012 and now I am looking to my first full year of racing finally! Thanks to Taylor Jacob I have my goals written down and can’t wait to make them happen in 2014.

I am looking around and trying to be aware of those guiding signs that God puts along our path, too. Have you looked back and realized that you were being guided to your goal or dreams? Have you gone way of course and now realize the way you should have taken? Keep going! It is never too late and it always seems impossible until it is done. Then you look back in amazement and satisfaction. Start with a small goal and work your way up. Each victory will give you confidence and motivation.


See you in Vegas! Visit my Facebook or Twitter to see pictures!




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