NFR 2013 Las Vegas and the Start to the New Season in 2014!


Hi everyone!

Well we are back from Las Vegas and my first time watching the NFR in person! Las Vegas was fun, but definitely the best part was attending the rodeo. It was so awesome to see everyone perform and to see some of my role models compete! I also got to go to Cowboy Christmas that I have heard so much about at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I knew I had to go check out Heritage Brand’s tack…I have been drooling over it for months. Then I saw the awesome red, white and blue set they made for Madison MacDonald and I knew I really had a problem. I ended up with a gorgeous halter for Gigi and I am still working on some plans for a custom design for her.

Gigi in her new Heritage Brand Halter

Gigi in her new Heritage Brand Halter

Okay, so the BEST part of the NFR was really getting the chance to meet Fallon Taylor! I was SO excited and she was amazing to talk to. She was super friendly with everyone that came through the line and was just very easy to talk to. Some of the other contestants that were signing autographs were obviously tired, grumpy, sick or just had a hard time making conversation and I don’t blame them! It was day 10 when we saw them. But, Fallon was just as fresh as ever, being positive and friendly. I had the opportunity to tell her about Gigi and how much her video coaching helped us. It was just really neat to meet someone you look up to so much. I don’t just look up to Fallon because she is an amazing barrel racer. I look up to her because she isn’t afraid to be different, to go after her dreams and she is so positive and more involved with her fans than anyone I have seen. She has inspired so many because she takes the time to stop and talk to someone no matter what. You can just tell she has a heart for helping and encouraging and I love that about her. Make sure to check out the video I just shared that she made to say thank you for supporting her in 2013!

I think every barrel racer gets their batteries recharged during the Wranger NFR watching these amazing 15 pros run every night for 10 days. And it makes us antsy. Especially if it is cold and you haven’t been able to ride in a while! I have started looking at next year’s races and schedules and I feel like I live in the black hole of barrel racing right now! Hopefully more races end up being scheduled or I will have live in my horse trailer with Gigi in a Walmart parking lot in California for a few months…..and it is not a living quarters trailer!

So Gigi, as some of you know, is an escape artist and I have a short-term memory problem. Especially when it comes to locking the chain on her gate. She escaped yesterday, which is what she does…she ate some hay, pooped everywhere and then took a stroll to the neighbors house! She has never done that before. The neighbor showed up at 630 in the morning with Gigi in tow. Turns out the neighbors Appaloosa horse is a stud. Makes sense. He has stood at the corner of his pasture every day since we moved in whinnying. I guess Gigi was feeling frisky and decided to go say hi. Luckily everyone stayed separated and Gigi is totally fine! Lynx was not too happy about Gigi being interested in someone else however!

Well we are getting a heat wave today, it is supposed to be  about 46 degrees so I better get going and go ride for once!

Until next time,



Me and Fallon! NFR 2013

Me and Fallon! NFR 2013


First Time at the Thomas and Mack!


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