Make It Happen in 2014


How many of you have been dreaming about what amazing things you would like to accomplish in 2014? Every new year brings with it optimism, hope and opportunity to accomplish new goals or goals that we fail to make in years prior. The next 365 days are a blank slate and our history waiting to be written.

So, what are your goals for 2014? Do you have a plan? What is your motivation?


Every year countless people make resolutions or half-hearted statements of what they would “like” to have happen and I don’t know the statistics, but I think it is safe to say the majority of those resolutions, dreams and goals fail after a short time and are never realized. Life is busy, unexpected things happen that throw off us track, or maybe we outgrew a dream and got caught up in the everyday routine and forget to spend time figuring out who we are today to set a goal that we actually want to accomplish…it goes on and on. But basically, we need a well-thought out plan to reach our goals.

I’m writing this today as I explore these things for myself and hopeful it will speak to someone else out there thinking about the next year. As I look back on 2013, I am happy my achievements and goals that I met. I literally met the goals I set, but the funny thing is I didn’t expect to. That isn’t a very good way to make something happen! I was just as surprised at my buckle win, finally making the 2D and winning the Cowgirl Tuff contest as everyone else probably was. But, it was a great learning moment for me. I realized that I could do MUCH more than what I already have, especially if I really put the effort out there and actually had a plan.

Write down your goals and share them! Right now. Tell people what you plan to do accomplish and not in a vague way. Be specific. This will make a HUGE difference in the likelihood that you will actually do these things.


I do think it is smart, however, to make attainable goals part of your plan to help you on your way to your big goals. The small achievements will help build you up to accomplishing your big goals, especially as you experiences set backs and road blocks.

This doesn’t mean underestimate yourself or create goals that you know are easy to avoid dissapointment. There is no growth or reward in that. It is safe, but it is also a good way to keep your achievements ordinary and hold yourself back. Don’t be afraid to set a big goal this year, no matter what other people say or think, etc. Even if you don’t reach it this year, you will be a lot closer to achieving it than those that are too afraid to even try!!


If you are looking to do and be more than you ever have, you have to take risks, believe in yourself and not worry about what people supposedly thinking/believing/saying about you. I do not mean do what ever is necessary to win and everyone else be danged. That isn’t my style. I mean to keep my integrity and be supportive of others. But, there really is no value or advantage in being overly concerned about what others are doing. Really, it just reveals our insecurities to gossip or criticize others. And I guarantee you, if you are really confident in yourself, you won’t be gossiping anyway.


That leads me to my next thought on authenticity. As the quote goes, “if you are your authentic self, you have no competition”. I think this is so true and can be really helpful in interacting with our “fellow travelers” as Nick Vujicic refers to our peers in his book, Life Without Limits. He also talks about not seeing the world as full of scarcity and looking to peers as people you can bounce ideas off of. There is no need to be so competitive with others that we can’t learn from each other, if we are really our authentic self, as we are totally unique and no one else can do what we can. Just do your thing and be your AUTHENTIC self. Don’t be a copy of someone else. That isn’t going to work for you anyway. When you start coming up with ideas that you have never seen before, that means you are on the right track. And then you will probably find that other people will be copying you!


Lastly, know where your motivation comes from and visit it daily!! You will need motivation plus your dedication to your goals to power through failures, self doubt and any other challenges that come along. Make sure your motivation comes from a place that is good, that is focused on improving yourself, not beating others, or it will burn out and you will be easily discouraged. A good way to stay motivated is to encourage others, not beat them! Be an authentic source of positive energy. Remember, self improvement is a process and do your best everyday. Acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them if necessary. Find and know your motivation and surround yourself with it.

Here is some motivation for today. Remember NEVER GIVE UP!


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