Putting the Trailer Before the Horse


In June 2012 I moved to Nevada from Virginia. I was only supposed to be here one year. I had joked about getting a horse when I moved but in no way thought that would ever happen.

It is funny how you see how you are being nudged and guided as you look back. I had met a friend in Virginia Beach who would ride every now and then at a local boarding/pony club facility. She invited me to go with her after Tyler passed away in 2010. It was great to be around horses again and of course, the healing powers of horses are incredible. It had been quite a while since I left my horses in Montana for the Navy and it was perfect to getting back into the horse world a little.

In 2011, I was lucky enough to attend the U.S. Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Memorial Team Roping and  bought my first pair of cowboy boots since high school that weren’t just for wearing with dresses. For some reason I knew I wanted actually riding boots, though I was not riding often at all at the time. I also got to take a little ride around while we were at the roping. We (Widows) were given some awesome goodies from Cavenders. One was a NFR 2009 Gear bag and a big Cruel Girl bag that held all the goodies. I had no idea what I would do with that bag and almost didn’t keep it when I moved to Nevada.

Once I got to Nevada, I started looking up horse events and barrel racing……not sure what I was thinking but seeing that there were quite a few barrel races going on around the area my mind started working. Then I went to the Reno Rodeo. I watched the barrel racers. I didn’t imagine I could ever be at the level but maybe I could at least go to the small local clubs. My ambitions were just to ride again and just be able to participate in a race. We did not live in a house where a horse could be kept so I started looking at boarding facilities in the area and started researching horse care. It had been a while.

One thing lead to another and I started looking for a horse. July 5, 2012 I bought a Trails West two horse slant trailer. I did not have a horse. I was putting the trailer before the horse you could say. I talked to some friends who had lived in the area a while and they just happened to know a very good barrel racer who usually had a horse or two for sale. I ended up meeting her and indeed, she had two for sale. That is how I found Gigi and a mentor.

The rest is history you could say but really there was still a long ways to go for me. That could have been incredibly overwhelming and kept me from even taking the first step. So many people asked me why in the heck I bought a horse trailer without a horse. Well, I knew I was going to have one and if I wanted to get to barrel races I needed something to transport my future horse. I didn’t realize how powerful this way of thinking would be.

It can be incredibly scary, but a tiny step is still a step in the direction of your goal. You just have to do it. How will it all come together? Well, that depends on you, time and God. Don’t let fear be the driving force in your life! Envision what you want and keep it in mind. Make sure you share your dream/goal with others. They will help you and introduce you to other people who you need to know. AND you should be looking for opportunities to help others reach their dreams and goals at all times as well. You get what you give!!I

So if there is something you are being called to and you don’t know where to start. Just start. Put that trailer before the horse and make it happen.



My Trailer

My Trailer

At the U.S. Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Team Roping 2011

At the U.S. Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Team Roping 2011

I ended up using my NFR gear bag a LOT! That Cruel Bag? PERFECT for storing my hay and not making a huge mess in trailer.

I ended up using my NFR gear bag a LOT! That Cruel Bag? PERFECT for storing my hay and not making a huge mess in trailer.


Reno Rodeo June 17, 2012


My boots bought in 2011 in Texas at the U.S. Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Memorial Team Roping. Still wearing them today!


Meeting Gigi 2012

2013 Winning Our First Buckle

2013 Winning Our First Buckle


4 thoughts on “Putting the Trailer Before the Horse

  1. Eklsw02@yahoo.com….do you have anymore tshirts about Tyler?? I’d so wear them to work CBMU 202 Det Jacksonville. I didn’t know until I went IA that Seabees pack and ship (not to mention design the camps that seals live in)..,seal’s gear…best support role ever! Please write back so I know I reached you! Easy day! Also, did you see the news article YEARSago about DC1 Wolf getting arrested for murder conspiracy (way to validate my truthfulness 😉) Your Guy was a serious motivator!!

    • I’m so happy to get these messages from you! You’ve made my day! I can open up the t-shirt fundraiser and see if we could get the minimum order of 11! I wish I just had them on hand. I do have some of the first ones we made though! Let me know what size you are and I’ll check them. I did see that article about Wolf! I think it was on the cover of Navy Times!! Good gosh you just never know! Haha

      • Erik larson

        ha! Didn’t expect to hear from you so soon! I’m a large but medium/large is cool ( I can spread the word about him at work and I’m sure folks will jump aboard (lots of Seabees have worked the spec war side, not to mention Seabees “gave birth” to seals 😉 back in Ww2..j/k.. Just great to talk to you! I miss the west coast so bad!!!

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