Don’t You Dare Give Up


Are you struggling today?

Does a dream seem impossible all of a sudden?

Are you facing unwanted changes in your life?

Are you facing another day as you carry the weight of your grief?

I am here to tell you to hang in there! If been in some tough situations myself.

I’ve thought of giving up, settling for less, or sometimes that I wasn’t good enough. If I get really frustrated I have learned to sleep on it and usually the next morning I will have a better mindset. I try to listen to motivating music, read about the great things people are doing to help one another and remember that God is with us even when we feel alone. I look at the blessings I have in this very moment and find contentment, no matter how small, sometimes it is just a good cup of coffee or a trail ride with Gigi. 

Will this stuff fix everything?


But it helps me to keep going and sometimes that is all we need to do.

Keep going.

I’ve found that if I hang in there and keep making progress, no matter how small, good things are going to happen. So don’t you DARE give up! It’s not easy to make your big dream come true, it’s not easy to endure consequences from a mistake and I know it is not easy to survive the loss of someone you love dearly. But you CAN do it! And remember to share your struggles and your resulting victories!

Seriously. Comment below!

You never know who needs to hear your story today or the healing you might experience.

#NeverGiveUp and #Never Forget

Chelsey Stimson




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