Loss Lessons: Why am I here?


As I’ve said before, death can be a great teacher. It often wakes us up from living our life everyday on autopilot. Which can lead us to wonder why we have been living unconsciously all this time and to acknowledge the longing to live to our real potential, to fulfill our unique purpose.

Many struggle with knowing what their purpose is. Often it is because they are still letting outside influences or what they were told as a child keep them from acknowledging their passions and believing they are capable of living them.

Here’s the big secret, you can achieve your goals and you can live your dreams. YOU just have to believe it and then you have to DO something to get there. It doesn’t have to be some huge step, a very small step is more effective than getting stuck in the pre-planning/dreaming stage out of the fear of failure and risk.

The other necessary part of all this, is to not focus on just yourself. You could achieve your goals just to please yourself, but that is very
fleeting satisfaction. It will be forgotten the next day.

The key is to live your passion and use it to help others, to make the world a better place. There are limitless ways to do this, and everyone has a unique way to connect with, and help others. Some will be on a grand scale, but that is not important. Really, you never really know how many people you can impact by sharing your story, your truth and your gifts. What matters is that you live YOUR unique purpose.

Do not attempt to copy others, to take on their message, you have not lived their life or had their experiences. It is a complete waste of time to take on a false mission that you were not meant to be on and impossible to be in harmony because you are not really living your truth.

So what is your purpose?

Are you even awake?

I hope so.





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